Digital Twins for Healthcare

Design, Challenges and Solutions

A digital twin is a digital replication of a living or non-living physical entity. When data is transmitted seamlessly, it bridges the physical and virtual worlds, thus allowing the virtual entity to exist simultaneously with the physical entity. A digital twin facilitates the means to understand, monitor, and optimize the functions of the physical entity, as well as it provides continuous feedback. Therefore, a digital twin can be used to improve quality of life and wellbeing of citizens in smart cities as well as the virtualization of industrial processes.

 This book aims to establish the state-of-art in the specification, design, creation, deployment and exploitation of digital twins’ technologies for healthcare and wellbeing.

What problem does this book solve

  • Decision makers will get an overview of digital twins technology in healthcare. 

Decision makers, Scientists, researchers in computer science and engineers and Health care professionals

  • Graduate students (Ms, PhDs, Postdocs) in the area of advanced technologies and healthcare.
Researchers, scientists and students will learn the fundamentals and will also have a glimpse of trends and case studies.

Comprehensive Covering

  1. Introduction to Digital Twin technology
  2. Digital Twin, AI and Machine Learning for health diagnostics
  3. Digital Twin and Cyber Physical Systems in Healthcare Systems
  4. Challenges of Digital Twin in Healthcare
Technological trends
  1. Cloud based frameworks for Digital Twins
  2. Communication Protocols for Digital Twin in Healthcare
  3. Big Data analysis for Digital Twins n Healthcare Systems
  4. Modelling Digital Twins
  5. Cyborg and Digital Twin in Healthcare
  6. Digital Twin Visualization Techniques
  7. Digital Twins and Cybersecurity in Healthcare systems
Case studies
  1. Potential applications of Digital Twin in Medical care
  2. Digital Twin in Prognostics and Health Management System
  3. Digital Twin for Cardiology
  4. Digital Twins for Sport
  5. Digital Twins for Nutrition

Benefits to audience

This will be one of the first if not the first edited book related to digital twins for healthcare.  DT is the top 10 technological trends in Gartner list of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

It is intended for

  • researchers,
  • academicians,
  • industry professionals, &
  • those at technical institutes and R&D organizations, as well as
  • students working in the fields of Digital Twin, Internet of Things, machine learning, deep learning, biomedical engineering, health informatics, and related fields.